For you

Maison Mohe is a creative house who believes in no such things as frontiers. In fact, Maison Mohe has a “no borders” policy where severals cultures can meet and fuse into a whole new story focusing solely on the present and aiming towards whole new and bright future with no past attached. As a different generation, we do not believe in countries with borders, politics nor religious beliefs because we believe in tolerance, compassion, equality, unity and most importantly in love.

Maison Mohe's purpose is not only to create good quality clothes, jewelry and whatever pops out of our minds but also to unify cultures through our creative language by bringing awareness to whom is interested enough to care.

As our goal is to focus on quality, design and awareness, we don't support nor believe in fast fashion which is why our collections will take as much time as we see fit in order to deliver something with distinction, meaning and value.

We want to build a new entity, a completely new universe.