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As an individual of this Society, I feel objected and pressured to look a certain way... I think the reasons why are pretty obvious given the fact that Instagram is filled with people who are starting to share the same facial and corporal features. 

I am 28 and I have to admit, sometimes I tend to worry a bit too much about my physical aspects and to be honest, it stresses me out. Competition career wise is hard enough to be on top of that, dealing with superficial facial competition like getting a lip augmentation to look a certain way and be part of a trend and look like the model of your dreams! How in the world did changing your face and body to look like everyone else, get to be a trend???

In part, I think that it is Instagram's fault as we constantly have pictures of models throne at our face. Before, times were much more simple as we would see these gorgeous models once in a while in magazines. Now a days, models are just everywhere in your feed which is a constant reminder of how much you don't look anything like them and so the struggle begins with oneself ... 

Just to be clear, I am in no means blaming the models. I am well aware that it is their job and that they are just trying to fit in a certain mold that has been required from the fashion industry in order to be a part of it. I am blaming the fashion industry and certain designers, photographers, stylists, and all of those who are not even worthy enough to even mention their names because it is that obvious! 

Designers have this distorted image of the feminine body that basically fucks with your mind. Yes, it is a beautiful and delicate image of  a women but the fact is: Women aren't biologically suppose to have this extra slim/none muscular body. Women are suppose to flourish into a curvy (and why not), muscular body. Curves are often confused with chubbiness but it is the whole opposite and “real men” know that. They appreciate our sensual, healthy and feminine bodies. They accept our curves, our boobs, our asses, our health and even our flaws! 

As a fashion designer myself, I sometimes get caught up in wanting to work with extra skinny models thinking my clothes will definitely look better than with someone who has curves, until I met Alejandra Guillmant. For those who don't already follow her, Alejandra Guillmant is one of the most sensual models I know up to date. When I saw her for the first time, there was no doubt in my mind, that my first clothing line collection (Lila-Jane) would look absolutely breathtaking with her as our campaign model. From the moment she wore our first look during the shoot, she looked absolutely stunning! It was though as if she empowered the clothes through herself, through her body language and her self acceptance. It was until that day that I understood that there was no need to be excessively skinny in order to rock an outfit, it was only a matter a self confidence and the love for oneself. Once you master that, the rest just comes naturally, there is no need to try to hard. 

I understood now and then that women do not have to adapt themselves to the clothes we design. How pretentious of us to demand women to look a certain way so that our clothes can have a certain look or style. Women should not have to deform and reshape their bodies to make our clothes look good but on the very contrary. It should be our job as designers, to make women look better than they already do through our clothes. Let's not mix up things!

Women are not hangers yet alone mannequins to be played with. #nothangers  #nomorephotoshop #timesup

Tribute to my friend, Ale Guillmant who showed me that curvy can be sexy. 

Chloé Mohe